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Best Hair Colourist in London

Moe Harb and his team offer the best colour and hair extensions services in London as the two applications go hand-in-hand. Even if you already have extensions fitted, you can still have your colour done but an expert approach is always needed when dealing with hair extensions.

A deep technical understanding of colour placement for hair extensions requires a unique skill that most hairdressers do not generally have.

Moe and his team will never over-process the hair which allows the top part of the natural hair to grow thick and strong while supporting the underneath of the hair holding the extensions.

This is achieved with Moe and his team’s special technical colour placement of highlights, baby lights, balayage or tint as well as a blend of hair extensions.

At Hair Extensions London, you can still have your usual full head of colour every four weeks without removing your hair extensions.

This is a extremely skilled process that needs to be done correctly and by a professional, otherwise you will end up damaging the regrowth of your hair (which is in between your attachment of the extensions and the root area).

It is really important for you to look after this part of the hair for the hair in order for your natural hair to grow thick and strong.

Many clients come to see Moe with damaged hair, and most of the damage that is done is from over-processing of colour or bleach which causes the hair to break off, leaving the natural hair frizzy and thinning. As a result, some clients hair will not grow because the hair has been so damaged by colour and over-processing.

So how can you repair damaged hair from colouring? When a new client comes to the salon with thinning hair that is seriously damaged, Moe will start them on a hair rehabilitation programme involving a masterplan to get the client’s hair back into great condition with six inches of guaranteed growth within one year.

This hair rehabilitation program involves a bespoke hair colour service by Moe which causes no damage to the hair by keeping the top part of the hair strong as hair extensions are applied underneath to give the impression that the hair has been coloured but without the damage. They don’t call him “magic Moe” for nothing…




Moe Harb